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Our Story

Move with Purpose

“Our vision for Goji Club is to create a place where people can purposefully channel their energy towards not only their well-being, but also that of others. We want to create the foundation for our members to achieve their goals, both individually and collectively”.

Doron Bloch, Co-Founder


We are best friends and brothers (often confused for twins), who during the COVID-19 lockdown found immense comfort and grounding in working out with online instructors, whether HIIT or yoga.

However, time and time again our inspiration would quickly disappear the second we removed ourselves from our bubble because there are thousands of starving and poverty-stricken South Africans!

We would sit for days talking about the contrast between two very distinct realities. We believed that there had to be a way for us to make a real difference, and this is how Goji Club was born. 


Goji Club is a social enterprise which allows you to MOVE WITH PURPOSE.

Each time you purchase a course from one of our instructors’ (known as Goji’s) pages you will automatically (and generously) donate a portion of the purchase price to one of our carefully-selected partner charities. 

We strive to spread our ideal that a healthy society is every community’s greatest goal. To achieve this ideal, Goji Club offers you the opportunity to move for the betterment of your wellness while contributing towards the collective well-being of others. 

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