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Goji Instructors

"Our name for our instructors is derived from the super food Goji Berries. Studies suggest that Goji Berries carry numerous benefits, including increased energy, greater athletic performance, increased focus and overall well-being. We expect our Gojis to elicit the same benefits in our customers and more."
Doron Bloch
Co-Founder, Goji Club

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  • Market Presence
  • Goji Values
Goji provides a consolidated ecosystem for like-minded individuals to purchase training courses from top Instructors. Known as Gojis, instructors can create courses for free and upload them on our Goji Club ecosystem.
The cost of the course is determined by the Goji. There is no limit on the number of courses you can publish. Goji is only as good as the content generated by Instructors. Therefore, we will screen ally course material before publishing to ensure the Goji standards and values are met.
Empower a community; Earn passive income; and raise funds for charity. 
Goji Club will do all the work to market and advertise our online ecosystem. We will target a global audience and drive traffic to the site. Our advertising is targeted and intentional, but feel free to endorse and advocate Goji Club on your own behalf. There are no advertising costs for our Goji Instructors.
Create content; publish it; and watch your community grow.
We actively live out our values: 
  1. Connection is about recognising yourself in another, and understanding what it means to be human. 
  2. Purpose is about being intentional in your behaviour towards a cause. 
  3. Commitment is about keeping yourself responsible towards improving and growing. 
  4. Compassion for yourself, your your fellow for your community.